Therapeutic Body Massage in Bath, UK

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Deep massage | Holistic massage | Remedial massage

We take the time and care to make sure you get what’s right for you. Our massage goes deeper because we listen to you, listen to your body and notice how you respond. We don’t follow a formula. We have local professional therapists who are experienced in life and bring thought and care to their work.

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We specialise in deep massage with a focus on your particular needs.

In central Bath

Whether you’re based near Bath or visiting the city we will make sure you receive a great massage – right in the heart of the city. We are a local, independent business. Book with us when not just any massage will do. Bath location

In Frome

Our Frome location is perfect if you live in the area or fancy a visit. Frome has a lot to offer. Frome location

Twelve years experience
Effective individual treatments
Personable and professional
Central Bath and Frome