Our massage goes deeper because we listen

We take the time and care to make sure you get what you need. Our massage goes deeper because we listen to you, listen to your body and notice how you respond. We don't follow a formula. Each treatment is created for you. Our local professional therapists are experienced in life and bring thought and … Continue reading Our massage goes deeper because we listen

Why choose Natural Touch?

We focus on the quality of our massage We have a professional approach that puts our clients' needs first. All our therapists are mature MTI registered therapists selected for their personal and professional skills. They are friendly, thoughtful, good listeners and great massage therapists. We truly tailor your treatment to you Creating your massage - … Continue reading Why choose Natural Touch?

What is Massage for Two?

The ultimate shared experience It's always special to be with someone you care about. With Massage for Two you can share your massage experience. Massage feels good because it puts you in touch with your body, yourself and whatever you need. When you have that experience together you are also connecting with each other. Massage … Continue reading What is Massage for Two?

Massage for your team

If you're exploring ways to support wellbeing. We can help. We tailor our massage to each individual, so we can meet differing needs. We can bring massage to your workplace in Bath and the surrounding area or your staff can come to us in the city centre. You can book a therapist by the hour … Continue reading Massage for your team

Regular sessions

Nigel is one of Bath's most experienced and intuitive massage therapists. One of his main areas of interest is client's relationship with their own body - and the parts of themselves that can be accessed via the body. Nigel is influenced by Buddhism, has an interest in the human psyche and excellent counselling skills. These … Continue reading Regular sessions