Feel alive!

I went for a treatment with friend and massage therapist Mel Phillips. I woke the following morning feeling like a new person. How does she do that? Well what she did in particular was work on my neck – concentrating on each joint in the spine one at a time – flexing and extend each one, easing out the tension before moving to the next.

Why hadn’t I asked for this before? I just didn’t think of it. I sometimes feel “I’m not really on form today – could be better.” But I don’t always realise that the solution could be through my body. I think it’s in my mind. It may be that my tensions start in my head, but they certainly manifest in my body. Every time I receive a treatment I remember how powerful and effective it is – but the memory of the experience fades. The best logic would say “Life doesn’t feel so good at the moment. I know, I’ll get a massage!”