Recipe for the Perfect Massage

When I go for a massage I want:

  • The environment to be warm, comfortable and inviting.
  • To feel at ease with the therapist and have confidence in them.
  • To be treated as an individual.
  • The therapist’s full attention and for them to understands what I say.
  • The pressure to be just right.
  • To relax and get absorbed in the massage.
  • To get what my body needs.
  • It to help with any problems I have.
  • The therapist to look at the wider picture and maybe help me realise things I hadn’t noticed.
  • The therapist to care about my progress.
  • To feel comfortable enough to ask the therapist to work differently, but I won’t need to because they intuitively get it right.

With 8 years experience and a history of happy clients, you can expect the best from Natural Touch.

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