Give great massage without hurting yourself

floor_work_b&w_cIf you want to give massage that your partner, family and friends will love without breaking your back then read on.

I believe that anyone with the right intention can learn the basic principles which will make their massage effective and not only easy, but enjoyable and rewarding.

What do you need to begin?

To start with you will need to be:-

  • in reasonably good health yourself
  • able to listen and work sensitively with other people
  • have one or two people you can practice with at home
  • have a positive attitude to massage

What you will learn

  • To enhance your sense of touch and start to be guided by it
  • To position yourself and partner so that you can use your body weight effectively
  • To build an appropriate rapport with your partner
  • Tell the difference between bone, healthy and unhealthy muscle
  • Some techniques to work in different ways on different parts of the body

If this sounds like you, take a look at my Introduction to Massage course.

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