Holistic massage

Holistic massage helps you on your path through life. Holistic massage is where magic can happen.

Holistic massage supports your life and your happiness. We offer bodywork which gives you what you need to progress.

Time spent talking before the session is important. We want to really feel where you are and what you need. We use skills from counselling to help hear you and engage with you. People often use allegory and descriptive language to illustrate how they’re feeling. Your thoughts and images give an insight into your deeper inner world.

Once we start the session we use the picture we have built up to lead our work, transforming our sense of what you need to guide and support you using touch. We are also watching out for responses which come back through your body – as the story unfolds.

At the end we bring you gently back to earth. There’s time to share your experience and reflect on it together.

People choose our holistic massage:

– When they need support
– To help them steer through a difficult time
– To get in touch with themselves
– To find their sense of direction
– To feel more fully alive

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Video – Nigel talks about creating a space open for you