Meet our therapists

Aleksandra Audziejczyk MTI

My fascination with massage began years ago, but studying with BCMB made it evident to me that a good massage brings relief not only to aching muscles and joints, but also eases pain in our hearts and souls. For this to happen, the client has to trust that his or her therapist is competent, non-judgemental, honest and respectful of boundaries. The client-centered holistic approach and focus on the therapeutic relationship was part of my training not only ensures this invaluable build-up of trust but also a massage uniquely adapted to the client’s needs.

I would feel very privileged to work with you and be part of your journey to
better health and a balanced lifestyle.

Specialisms: holistic massage, body massage, Swedish massage

Nic Cunniffe MTI

Nic’s love for massage began whilst living and working abroad for 15 years in Vietnam and South Korea.
He has worked with children in various settings around the world and continues to mentor and run nurture groups for younger people alongside massage. “I’m a people person”, he says, “supporting and nurturing is what floats my boat and the power of touch is a fascinating element of that.”

Massage is a way for Nic to bring care, support, relaxation and healing to people through physical contact. Nic qualified as a massage therapist from BCMB and has become a key member of the Natural Touch team. He loves to see and feel people relaxing, releasing their burdens and leaving a different person. He enjoys finding his own flow in massage and helping the person receiving it to find theirs.

Specialisms: holistic massage, body massage

Mary Eddowes MTI

My journey with touch and the human body began with my professional dance training and has continued whilst working in theatre, performance and in wild landscapes with movement practice of Body Weather. Training in Holistic Massage at BCMB during the pandemic confirmed to me how important and necessary touch and human connection is. I’m so pleased we can now share that again.

I am fascinated by the different physical and mental states people can enter and am curious to explore deep relaxation and release with my clients. Listening to each individual and creating a person centred treatment has been key to my training and subsequent practice. I always aim to bring connection, care, presence and intuition to our sessions together.

Specialisms: holistic massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage.

Ewa (Eva) Krzyzowska MTI

I graduated from BCMB in July 2019 and have been practising ever since. Firstly at the BCMB Graduate Clinic, in private practice and at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Bristol.

As a massage therapist my aim is to create a safe and balanced environment for my clients. Holistic massage will be tailored to your needs working with the body physically, emotionally and mentally whether you need a relaxing massage after a long, stressful week at work or deeper work for an aching and tired body.

Having trained, qualified and become a practitioner the journey continues with my own personal development. I’m not taking care of myself why would you trust me to take care of you?

Specialisms: holistic massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage

Sonia Meadows MTI

SoniaI began my first steps in massage training with Nigel in 2013 before qualifying in Holistic Massage through the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork in 2014.

I undertook additional training focusing on specific aspects of the body and emotional processing giving me a wide range of skills and techniques to draw upon. I enjoyed working at major festivals and events.

I love that every client is completely unique with their own challenges and requirements informing their session. I enjoy the combination of working with my hands but also using my mind and intuition together with being present in the moment with the client providing the treatment they have asked for.  Working in massage is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done and has really opened up my world to many fantastic experiences and people.

Specialisms: holistic massage, deep tissue massage

Mel Phillips MTI

My approach is integrative, person-centred and bespoke – bringing together my range of skills as feels most agreeable for each client I meet – promoting relaxation and balance while seeking to address specific aches and pains where needed.

I graduated from the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork in 2000 and have undertaken a series of further qualifications, including sports massage and reflexology. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with queries.

Specialisms: holistic massage, deep tissue massage

Giacomo Sandri MTI

I strongly believe that everyone is capable of obtaining optimal health and live a fulfilling happy life. My path as a therapist started in 2017 after graduating in Herbal Medicine at the University of Lincoln. I then became a First Aid Responder in August 2017 and obtained the diploma in Holistic Massage at the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork in 2018. My experience as a therapist comes from my home-based clinic and festivals and events in UK and Europe. During my career I realised how close the relationship between body and mind is and especially how the alteration of one has a strong consequence on the other. My approach to the client is therefore holistic and person-centred. I give lot of importance to the psycho-emotional dynamics and how they affect the body.

Specialisms: sports massage, remedial massage

Nigel Williams MTI

For me, each session is unique. Everyone is different. I don’t know what will unfold during the course of a session. I trust my intuition based on the connection I build with my clients.

I think it’s important to really engage with people. My massage is at its best when I understand the individual and their needs. Einstein said “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask”.

I love teaching massage, and watching people gain the confidence to use it. I teach the principles that I use in my own work.

Mentoring students and practitioners is also very rewarding. Supporting them on a personal journey which asks us to explore ourselves as well as developing the skills to work deeply and sensitively with people.

Specialisms: holistic massage, deep tissue massage, remedial massage

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