Regular sessions

Nigel is one of Bath’s most experienced and intuitive massage therapists. One of his main areas of interest is client’s relationship with their own body – and the parts of themselves that can be accessed via the body.

Nigel is influenced by Buddhism, has an interest in the human psyche and excellent counselling skills. These combine with deep and intuitive massage to create a powerful force for the investigation and understanding of the self.

Physical touch is used to draw and focus the attention into the body. It can speak directly to the emotions and can alter the state of mind. It can be nurturing, supportive, connecting, challenging or playful.

This work helps clients understand the different languages that their mind, body and emotions speak. By tuning in to the voices and allowing them to be heard there is the potential to resolve inner conflict.

Relationships with clients deepen over the sessions as the sense of direction becomes clear. Nigel acts as a guide, sounding board, support and mentor as client’s undertake their journey into themselves.

Physical work is threaded by an ongoing dialogue about the client’s experiences and the intention of the sessions.

Ongoing sessions could be weekly, fortnightly, three weekly or monthly. Nigel is available in Bath on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If you are interested in this work please contact Nigel at