Introduction to Massage

Learn how to give a great massage and share with like-minded people on this short course.

  • Learn massage for use with family and friends
  • Enjoy giving and receiving massage
  • Develop skills and confidence
  • Taught in a small group
  • Suitable for beginners
  • One weekday evening for six weeks or at weekends

Learn the principles of effective massage and develop your skills and confidence.

The course takes a holistic, person-centred, approach which encourages you to develop your own skills and understanding. It will help you develop your self-awareness, sense of touch and intuition. At the end of the course you will be better at discovering what someone needs from a massage and how to give it. You will learn a range of techniques for different parts of the body and deepen your understanding about how massage works.

There is time to practice and time to discuss ideas and ask questions. I am always on-hand to help and guide. You will also learn that massage isn’t hard work and that giving massage can be enjoyable and rewarding.

The course is taught in a practical way, working hands-on with other participants in a small group.

Please call or email to register your interest.

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