COVID-19 Information for Clients

There are a number of things we are doing differently at the moment to help limit the spread of covid-19 and protect clients and therapists.

Covid specific consultation form

There is a link to this form below. Please complete and return this by email a few days before your appointment. This is to help identify any increased risk factors.

Verbal consultation

To limit the amount of time spent talking we will do some consultation over the phone. We can talk about your general needs, any specific problems and take any history we need.


If you are coming to The Practice Rooms please arrive at your given appointment time. There is no waiting room.

Please use hand sanitiser on arrival and observe social distancing in the building.

Please bring your own water bottle with you.


Your therapist will wear protective gloves and a face shield. Please wear a face covering when you arrive. You can decide whether you wear it during the treatment or not.


There will be a plastic box to put your clothes and personal items in during the treatment.

Link: Covid specific consultation form