We need a payment in advance to secure your booking

Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer. We will send our bank details when your treatment is scheduled.

Once you have paid for your session we’ll send you a confirmation with the date, time, room and name of your therapist.

Payment from abroad

We have quite a few visitors from overseas. We’ve found the best payment method is to Wise (formerly Transfer Wise). You pay them and they transfer the money to us. It’s usually quicker and cheaper than transfer from your bank. It’s the only option we will accept for a booking within 48 hours.

Wise is regulated in the UK, US and many other countries.

Other payment options

Sorry, we do not take credit/debit card payments nor do we have an office where you can pay cash.

Delayed payment

Please pay as soon as you can to secure your booking.

If you choose to wait before paying we can not guarantee that your scheduled booking will still be available.

Our cancellation policy and how we use your information.