Swedish body massage

Traditional body massage in Bath

A Swedish body massage is for you to enjoy. You may need to ease the stresses of life out of your body, give it a shake up or receive some detailed work around your head, neck and shoulders. If your main aim is to chill out, this is the body massage for you.

Your massage will be designed for you. Let your therapist know how you feel and what you would like. You choose which parts of your body need massage or opt for whole body. Your therapist will naturally be drawn to the parts that need it most.

Most people undress down to their underwear, but you can keep on any clothes if you’re more comfortable that way. We understand that you might feel self-conscious.

Mostly this style of massage uses plenty of oil to allow long sweeping strokes through your body. Your therapist will judge the pressure you need, but just let them know if you prefer deeper or lighter.

And if there is anything to pick up on, your professional therapist can give you feedback on what they’ve found and advice on how to proceed.

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