What to expect

The following applies to all our treatments

Understanding your needs
Every session starts with a discussion. We want to know how you are and what you hope to get from the session. We’ll suggest the type of work we think will help. At the end of the discussion we’ll understand what we want to achieve.

Feeling comfortable
Keep on as many or as few clothes as you like. It’s important that you feel comfortable. We can adapt. You start under a sheet which we can fold back to work on different areas so you’re never exposed.

The Treatment
The techniques we use are varied – light or deep, fast or slow – depending on what you need and how your body responds.
We work both through clothing and with oil which is unscented grapeseed.
None of the work is painful and should feel like it’s doing good. We want you to tell us if it isn’t.
You may want to describe what you feel during the session. This can give us useful clues about how your body is working and can help you to get the most from the session. You may want to just completely switch off. That’s ok too.

Time to relax
At the end of the session there’s the opportunity to relax for a moment and enjoy the effects of the massage. We can then discuss your experience and we’ll explain what we’ve noticed. You may plan further treatments.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. It’s your massage.

Please note: Natural Touch offers therapeutic massage. There is no sexual contact in any of our treatments.

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