Focus on… shoulder pain

The shoulder is complex. There is the movement of the shoulder itself plus the movement of the arm. It's easy to confuse the two. Shoulder movement When you let your arm hang loosely you should be able to move your shoulder upwards, downwards, forwards and backwards. You should also be able to make forward and … Continue reading Focus on… shoulder pain

Massaging to the extremes

Two treatments this week seemed to reflect opposite ends of the spectrum. The first was a woman who is having regular treatments to help ease mental and emotional stress that builds up in her body. On her first visit she was worried that the massage would make her feel painful afterwards. I was careful to … Continue reading Massaging to the extremes

Give great massage without hurting yourself

If you want to give massage that your partner, family and friends will love without breaking your back then read on. I believe that anyone with the right intention can learn the basic principles which will make their massage effective and not only easy, but enjoyable and rewarding. What do you need to begin? To … Continue reading Give great massage without hurting yourself

First massage course better than I dreamed

My first Introduction to Massage course finished yesterday. The group enjoyed working together and opening into the experience. They made excellent progress - more than I had hoped for - finding their sense of touch, learning more about bodies and how best to work with them. Here's what the participants had to say about it. … Continue reading First massage course better than I dreamed