I didn’t expect it to hurt there

Following lines of tension finds the areas that really need massage. It's quite common for people to feel pain at a specific point, but following investigation we often find that the painful spot is part of a wider band of tension. A typical example is lower back pain which can result in sharp, painful twinges … Continue reading I didn’t expect it to hurt there

Working with pain

How massage therapy can help when you are in pain. Pain is relevant to massage therapy in a number of ways. In this article I look at the treatment of painful conditions such as lower back pain. I have seen how pain can impact people’s lives. Pain effects everyday activities and can be upsetting and … Continue reading Working with pain

Give great massage without hurting yourself

If you want to give massage that your partner, family and friends will love without breaking your back then read on. I believe that anyone with the right intention can learn the basic principles which will make their massage effective and not only easy, but enjoyable and rewarding. What do you need to begin? To … Continue reading Give great massage without hurting yourself

Recipe for the Perfect Massage

When I go for a massage I want: The environment to be warm, comfortable and inviting. To feel at ease with the therapist and have confidence in them. To be treated as an individual. The therapist's full attention and for them to understands what I say. The pressure to be just right. To relax and … Continue reading Recipe for the Perfect Massage

First massage course better than I dreamed

My first Introduction to Massage course finished yesterday. The group enjoyed working together and opening into the experience. They made excellent progress - more than I had hoped for - finding their sense of touch, learning more about bodies and how best to work with them. Here's what the participants had to say about it. … Continue reading First massage course better than I dreamed