What people say

I was searching for a holistic health practitioner that would be able to help me deal with a couple of really tricky issues in a short space of time. Not only was Nigel ready to make space for me at short notice, he also managed to help me move things forward in record time. He listened carefully to what I had to say and responded to everything I had asked in the session that followed. I felt met, seen and heard by Nigel in a way that you normally cannot expect of a person you don’t already know. It was super helpful and a good experience that had lasting positive effects. Thanks so much, Nigel. – Anon

My husband and I booked a couple massage while visiting Bath for a relaxing weekend away. Nigel and Sarah were our therapists and we both really enjoied the treatments. Incredibily relaxing, just tailored to our individual needs. It took the tension away and left us completely restored. We felt the benefits for quite few days! Highly reccomend! – Marina Pol

Nigel’s massage is relaxing, releasing and healing. Have seen him 3 times now and recently introduced my partner to see him too, because he is that good! He truly understands the human body and how it works – he is able to be soothing and tough in a session depending on what each part of the body needs. I always come out of a session extremely relaxed. – Christina Yuen

Nigel was extremely welcoming and professional and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I suffered from back aches and pains that was hindering my charity bike riding, after a few sessions i was 100% better which didn’t effect my challenges. Now at 45 i know that i can call on Nigel when my back needs his professional touch. I would recommend Nigel to anyone in need and would strongly state you would not regret it. – Andy Lister

Nigel has very sensitive hands and his massages are always relaxing for mind and body alike. He has a sense of calm and is always considerate and professional. You will enjoy your massage. A lot! – Inma Mauri-Sole

Nigel is professional, experienced and knows how to connect with his clients. I had the best massage I’ve ever received with him, and as a massage therapist myself, I am very picky. I felt entirely confident and safe with him and I highly recommend him to first-timers as well as massage junkies like myself. – Lisa Goodson

As a former Neuromuscular massage therapist, I was very impressed by Nigel’s work! He works at the edge of the problem, making him effective at shifting issues. His sensitivity is great, meaning that he can work lightly or deeply depending upon what you need or request. His attention to the client is also very good; he listens well to what you need and checks out how you are experiencing his work. Overall, Nigel’s work was superb! – Troy Jensen

The massage you gave me was one of the best experiences I had so far!! It was amazing how you really put your mind into my hurting areas and I could feel that you felt exactly what to do. You managed to touch exactly the points, strong enough, but not painful, and when I left I felt like walking on clouds. You are very professional and it was so good to feel that I wasn’t just a number for you. I could feel you wanted to make me feel better which I definately did. My daughter, who you also treated, said exactly the same thing. I will definatly come back and can only recommend you to anyone who wants a professional, caring and superb massage. – Daria Arco

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for this morning. You have such a lovely presence and an amazing touch. – Amanda

Nigel has a talent! His touch is consistently authentic and sensitively deep. – John

This style of massage is deep and quite slow and gradually releases tension that has been lived with for a very long period of time. After several sessions the benefits were real and he also does some really lovely relaxing stuff too. Nigel was the second masseur I tried. The first advertised their massage to be the best that money could buy and it was very pleasant, however following my treatment with Nigel I would say that for me, Nigel’s massages really are the best money can buy – Sonia

Lovely, relaxing, empathetic environment. Was able to zonk out as soon as I hit the mat. You have a great instinct for finding lines of stress and knowing what pressure to use. It felt really easy to ask for what I needed. Thank you! – Roma

Massage isn’t just an investment in my body, it’s an investment in my creativity. – John

I have been suffering from lower back pain for months and just one treatment has immediately had a huge impact. You seemed to be able to find the right spots straight away. Many thanks for the relief that has brought. – Kath

I came to see Nigel because I instinctively knew that he would be the right person to work with. He is in tune with himself, really listens and has a very grounded presence & works intuitively which I really connect with. – Nicola

I found the treatment really relaxing and very productive. I felt as if my body really responded & made big shifts. – Lindsey

Very intuitive and deep work. Just what I needed. Really enjoyed it.

I felt very nurtured, safe, confident and comfortable during my massage. I would happily recommend you to my friends. I felt listened to and appreciated – and my back felt hugely released. – Angel

Very nice. Thank you! :) – Anon

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