Why choose Natural Touch?

We focus on the quality of our massage

We have a professional approach that puts our clients’ needs first.

All our therapists are mature MTI registered therapists selected for their personal and professional skills. They are friendly, thoughtful, good listeners and great massage therapists.

We truly tailor your treatment to you

Creating your massage – more than choosing from a list

At booking you can choose a massage style – that gives us a starting point. And tell us what you want to get from your treatment.

When you arrive your therapist will talk with you to get an understanding of how you are, figure out the most effective way to achieve that and what approach to take. This is the basis for your treatment.

When working with your body, your therapist is noticing how it feels and how it responds. They know what feels right and what needs attention. What they discover helps them determine the next step in a cycle of deeper connection and understanding.

Sometimes we ask about what you’re feeling, sometimes we don’t. You are always welcome to contribute.

By intelligent, sensitive and informed work we aim to get to the heart of your needs. You’ll also be more in touch with your body.

You’ll be left feeling that you got just what you needed. Many people tell us it’s the best massage they’ve ever had.

It’s not about products

We won’t ask you to choose skin products and we won’t try to sell you anything – except the idea that a good massage is all about the quality of the treatment.

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