Back massage

Poor posture, mental tension and injury can lead to tightness, soreness and pain. Early intervention can help.

Before we begin we’ll take some details. Tell us what you’re feeling and a brief history of how it’s developed. That helps us understand what’s going on.

The first stage of the treatment covers the whole back. It starts the relaxation process and introduces movement and warmth and soften the muscles and tissues.

In stage two we go deeper, building a picture of the areas of tension as we work in to them. Here you start to notice the effect of the massage.

Stage three gives specific treatments to affected areas. That might be deeper, using more pressure, stretching, trigger point release, working with connecting tendons or fascia. You’re going to feel this – in a good way!

At the end you’ll have a couple of minutes to relax before moving. There’s time to talk about what we’ve found and the next steps.

“I had the most amazing treatment yesterday with Eva. I have been suffering with back pain and had no idea this place existed and I’m so glad I’ve found it. It was the most amazing massage; I felt relaxed on a deep level after the treatment. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to book again and will recommending you to everyone!

Juliet (Google review) Jun 2022