Can I say that?

Working with a trainee yoga teacher recently got me thinking about how clients relate to their massage therapist.

At Natural Touch we are big fans of yoga because in yoga you are listening to your body and giving what it needs.

As you might expect, the teacher in training I’m working with has a really good sense of his body and knows what he needs from massage to support his yoga. He was able to be very precise – guiding me to the exact points and the right amount of pressure he needed.

It made me wonder if other clients realise this is allowed. Do we carry an image of massage where clients are passive, thinking it’s not appropriate to say what they really need.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to be silent and inwardly engage with massage – it’s what many people do want – but I wanted to say it’s okay to be directive too, especially if it means that your massage really hits the spot.

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