Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage works with the muscles and tendons which hold posture and allow everyday movement.

Consider deep tissue massage if
  • You are having difficulty with everyday activities
  • Your shoulders are stiff from being at a computer
  • Your hips are stiff from sitting or driving
  • You have lower back pain
  • Your posture is causing you problems
  • You’ve tried stretching and movement but it doesn’t seem to help
Our deep tissue massage is effective because:
  • We listen and take an intelligent approach
  • We gauge the right pressure for maximum benefit
  • We notice to how your body responds and fine-tune the treatment
  • We give your body the time it needs to release
  • We look at the wider picture

Deep tissue massage is directed where it is needed. The aim is to reduce any pain and increase freedom and mobility.

“I had a deep tissue massage. Aleksandra provided a great service. She took the time to understand my problem areas and discuss maintenance exercises going forward. I would highly recommend.”

Maria (Google review) Jun 2023

Why deep tissue?

Tension in muscles restricts movement and can lead to recurring aches or sharp pains. Aches usually build up over a period of time due to a repeated everyday action or posture. Damage to the soft tissue can cause pain and swelling. We work carefully around pain – finding ways to ease the tension that causes it without inflaming the problem.

Sitting at a desk or laptop and driving can all put the body into a strain position which is held for a long period with no opportunity for the muscles to recover. Massage can help get your muscles into better condition so better posture becomes easier.

Our approach to Deep Massage:

  • Understanding. We want to find out what’s happening in your body.
  • Pain-free massage. We believe that pain is part of the cycle of tight muscles. We may use strong techniques but we want to promote release and flexibility without triggering a pain response.
  • Depth. We go deep by carefully using and maintaining the correct balance of pressure and movement.
  • Recommendations. We can help you understand the symptoms you’re experiencing and suggest the next steps.

Every treatment begins with a discussion about your needs.


Is deep tissue massage painful?

Deep tissue massage can be intense, but should not be painful. We are usually trying to release your body. Pain doesn’t help that process.

Can deep tissue massage cause damage?

Done properly deep tissue massage will not cause any damage. Our qualified therapists will carefully assess any problems you have and take this into account.

Can I have deep tissue massage during pregnancy?

Please book a pregnancy massage with us. Your therapist may use deep tissue techniques depending on your needs.

Does deep tissue massage help with fibromyalgia?

Many people find that massage helps with fibromyalgia, although it can make muscles more sensitive. Please mention this on your consultation form and discuss it with your therapist.

Can deep tissue massage help back pain?

Much back pain is muscular which massage can help with. If you are unsure, please seek medical advice.

Does deep tissue massage help with sciatica?

In many cases sciatica is due to a nerve being trapped between tight muscles. This is sometimes referred to as piriformis syndrome. Massage can be very effective. Other causes of sciatica need to be medically treated.

Will deep tissue massage help with shoulder or hip pain?

We can explore the many muscles that are active around these joints and home in on problem areas to help reduce pain and increase mobility. Please tell us in advance if you’ve suffered a recent injury.

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