Holistic massage

Holistic massage helps you on your path through life, supporting you physically and emotionally. Together we look at you as a whole person. Clients often want to tell us about their life, challenges they face and where they would like to be. Our caring and empathetic approach help find a route to progress.

Time spent talking before the treatment is important. We want to connect with and understand you and how you feel. Thoughts and images give an insight into our deeper inner world.

Once we start the massage we use the image we have built as our starting point, transforming our sense of what you need into touch. We are watching out for your body’s response as the story unfolds.

Physical touch can be used to draw attention into the body and focus it on a particular area. It can speak directly to the emotions and can alter the state of mind. It can be nurturing, supportive, connecting, challenging or playful.

There may be discussion along the way or you may want your journey to be inward.

At the end we bring you gently back to present. There’s time to take a moment for yourself, share your experience and reflect on it together.

Choose holistic massage:

  • To help you through a difficult time
  • To help navigate a period of change
  • To help rediscover your sense of self
  • To connect with your needs and motivations
  • To feel at peace in your body

“Eva was absolutely amazing. She’s so attentive and really listens to what you need, be it physical or mental. I had an hour massage and left feeling completely relaxed and like I’d reset a little. The practise is in a brilliant location too! V much recommend.”

Laura (Google review) Jun 2022