About booking

Booking process

Please book in advance
  • Check availability
  • Complete a booking request form – we’ll get back to you by email.
  • Once your appointment is agreed we’ll send you payment details
  • Make your payment.
  • Your confirmation has a link to the consultation form
  • Complete a consultation online two days before (or straight away if you book within two days).

Massage type

It’s not necessary to choose a style of massage. All of our therapists will listen to your individual needs before your treatment.

If you have any particular needs or preferences let us know.

We will look at our availability and contact you, usually by email, to let you know what options there are.


Once we have agreed an appointment we will need a payment to confirm it. We do not allocate therapists and rooms until payment is received.

More about payment

Late bookings

Booking for today

If your booking request is for the same day it’s unlikely we will be able to arrange your treatment. More details.

Booking for tomorrow

Please look out for a reply from us. We will want to complete everything the evening before so that your therapist can be ready for you.