Meet our therapists

All our therapists are qualified with and registered members of the MTI.

  • Ella Hughes MTI

    Ella Hughes MTI

    My massage practice begins with my fascination with the power of touch. Of its healing and communicative nature. Completing my professional training in Holistic Massage at BCMB in 2022 allowed me to harness my intuition and become a therapist concerned with the most personalised and relevant treatments for each client I meet. I am passionate…

  • Aleksandra Audziejczyk MTI

    Aleksandra Audziejczyk MTI

    My fascination with massage began years ago, but studying with BCMB made it evident to me that a good massage brings relief not only to aching muscles and joints, but also eases pain in our hearts and souls. For this to happen, the client has to trust that his or her therapist is competent, non-judgemental,…

  • Ewa (Eva) Krzyzowska MTI

    Ewa (Eva) Krzyzowska MTI

    I graduated from BCMB in July 2019 and have been practising ever since. Firstly at the BCMB Graduate Clinic, in private practice and at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Bristol. As a massage therapist my aim is to create a safe and balanced environment for my clients. Holistic massage will be tailored to your needs working…

  • Sonia Meadows MTI

    Sonia Meadows MTI

    I began my first steps in massage training with Nigel in 2013 before qualifying in Holistic Massage through the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork in 2014. I undertook additional training focusing on specific aspects of the body and emotional processing giving me a wide range of skills and techniques to draw upon. I enjoyed…

  • Giacomo Sandri MTI

    Giacomo Sandri MTI

    I strongly believe that everyone is capable of obtaining optimal health and live a fulfilling happy life. My path as a therapist started in 2017 after graduating in Herbal Medicine at the University of Lincoln. I then became a First Aid Responder in August 2017 and obtained the diploma in Holistic Massage at the Bristol…

  • Nigel Williams MTI

    Nigel Williams MTI

    For me, each session is unique. Everyone is different. I don’t know what will unfold during a treatment. I trust my intuition based on the connection I build with people. My massage is at its best when I understand the individual and their needs. Einstein said “If I had an hour to solve a problem…