Regular treatments

We have some of Bath’s most thoughtful and intuitive massage therapists. We want to get to know our clients and help them move in a positive direction, wherever that leads.

A good therapist has a gentle curiosity which combined with deep and intuitive massage creates a way to explore the whole of a person, exploring physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Physical touch can be used to draw attention into the body and focus it on a particular area. It can speak directly to the emotions and can alter the state of mind. It can be nurturing, supportive, connecting, challenging or playful.

This work helps clients understand the different languages that their mind, body and emotions speak. By tuning in to the voices and allowing them to be heard there is the potential to resolve inner conflict and find a more wholesome, accepting view of themselves.

Relationships with clients deepen over the sessions as a sense of direction emerges. We act as a guide, sounding board, support and mentor as clients undertake their journey.

There can be an ongoing discussion about the direction of the sessions which can vary over time and with changing life circumstances.

“Eva was so wonderful and has a really kind and healing energy to her. I had put my back out and was in pain and she gave me a massage focusing on the lower back and then also whole body. The next day I felt SO much better. It has made a huge difference and am so grateful for this. Maybe it was the fact I felt relaxed all over so my back could have time to heal. I can highly recommend! Thank you so much, I hope to be back soon.”

Sarah (Google review) Jun 2022

The advantages of regular treatments

  • A deepening relationship with your therapist
  • Time to explore longer-term issues
  • Having a point to return to allows us to reflect on change
  • Someone you can share with
  • Having something to look forward to
  • Having someone who supports and listens to the real you

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