Massage treatments

Our massages are tailored to you.
We always start with a consultation to find out what you need.

  • Massage for Two

    Massage for Two

    The perfect shared experience. Share your massage experience. Relax and enjoy together. Massage for Two is popular with couples/partners, family members and friends who are visiting Bath, celebrating a special day or have just managed to find time for themselves. You each have an individual massage tailored to you, but you can be together in…


  • Deep tissue massage

    Deep tissue massage

    Deep tissue massage works with the muscles and tendons which hold posture and allow everyday movement. Consider deep tissue massage if Our deep tissue massage is effective because: Deep tissue massage is directed where it is needed. The aim is to reduce any pain and increase freedom and mobility. “I had a deep tissue massage.…


  • Deep relaxation

    Deep relaxation

    Everyone wants to feel more relaxed. We know our heads are juggling life’s demands and our bodies are straining, unable to be free. Take a step out of that world and allow yourself to find peace, space and calm. Allow your body to become soft and rest easily. We bring you in to a comfortable…


  • Prenatal Massage

    Prenatal Massage

    Pregnancy is a precious time in a woman’s life, but it can also be overwhelming and daunting, both physically and mentally. As each pregnancy and each woman are unique your treatment will be specifically tailored to your needs following our initial consultation. You will be mainly on your side during the treatment. The side lying…


  • Regular treatments

    Regular treatments

    We have some of Bath’s most thoughtful and intuitive massage therapists. We want to get to know our clients and help them move in a positive direction, wherever that leads. A good therapist has a gentle curiosity which combined with deep and intuitive massage creates a way to explore the whole of a person, exploring…


  • Swedish body massage

    Swedish body massage

    Classic body massage in Bath A Swedish body massage is to enjoy. Ease the stresses out of your body, give it a shake up or receive some detailed work around your head, neck and shoulders. If your main aim is to chill out, this is the body massage for you. Your massage will be tailored…


  • Back massage

    Back massage

    Poor posture, mental tension and injury can lead to tightness, soreness and pain. Early intervention can help. Before we begin we’ll take some details. Tell us what you’re feeling and a brief history of how it’s developed. That helps us understand what’s going on. The first stage of the treatment covers the whole back. It…


  • Holistic massage

    Holistic massage

    Holistic massage helps you on your path through life, supporting you physically and emotionally. Together we look at you as a whole person. Clients often want to tell us about their life, challenges they face and where they would like to be. Our caring and empathetic approach help find a route to progress. Time spent talking…


  • Remedial massage

    Remedial massage

    Remedial massage works with whatever problem or problems you are suffering. This could be lower back pain, limited movement in the shoulder, difficulty sleeping or headaches. We look at the whole picture, listening to what you tell us and using what we feel to inform our direction. We work with you to create a massage…


  • Massage therapy

    Massage therapy

    Many of us turn to massage when we have a particular need – usually physical, often with a mental or emotional element. At Natural Touch we consider ourselves primarily as therapists – working with people. Massage is our method of engagement. As you would expect, we work with physical tension, restrictions, mobility and pain. We’re…


  • Body massage in Bath

    Body massage in Bath

    If you’re looking for a body massage you’re probably thinking about relaxation, about any aches and pains you have and looking after your long term health. A good massage gets into your muscles, stretches you how you need to be stretched and leaves you refreshed and calm. We believe that the best massage comes from…