Why choose Natural Touch?

We focus on your needs

Clients choose us because of the personal care they get. We have a professional approach that puts our clients first.

All our therapists are mature MTI registered therapists selected for their personal and professional skills. They are friendly, thoughtful, good listeners and great therapists.

We truly tailor your treatment to you

At booking you have the option of choosing a massage style. That gives us an outline of what you need.

When you arrive your therapist will listen to you to get an understanding of how you are, find out what you need and decide how we can best help. This consultation is the starting point for your session.

“Had the most relaxing couples massage, thanks to Nigel and Eva. The massages were personalized to individual needs and we felt very well looked after. Highly recommend this over the classic spa-packages from chains.”

Karen (Google review) June 2022
More than choosing from a list

During the session your therapist is noticing how each part of your body feels and how it responds. This helps them refine the process.

You are welcome to contribute. You may notice something that’s helpful to share or you might want to guide your therapist. All information is helpful and helps get better results for you.

By intelligent, sensitive and informed work we aim to get to the heart of your needs and leave you more in touch with your body.

You’ll be left feeling that you got just what you needed. Many people tell us it’s the best massage they’ve ever had.

It’s not about products

We won’t ask you to choose skin products and we’re not trying sell you anything. Our focus is on you.

Our values

Kind, thoughtful, respectful, nurturing, honest, ethical, fair, safe, skillful, experienced, understanding, personal, professional, caring, authentic

We have a reputation for quality built on 18 years experience.


Natural Touch is where therapists can be their best.

We find the best therapists – treat them well and pay them fairly.

We select therapists from the best training courses and who have the personal skills that match our values. Therapeutic work is a calling.

We support and respect our therapists so they can treat clients well.

We value the personal attributes and skills our therapists bring

We offer our therapists:

  • The top rates of pay
  • The ability to work the pattern that suits them
  • Sustainable amount of work
  • Personal and professional support

Natural Touch is a place where therapists find fulfillment in their chosen work.


Our clients have faith in us and receive excellent treatments.

Clients are always treated fairly with respect and consideration.

All massages should be like this: listening, responsive, effective

Leading our sector

Promoting the essence of massage: 

  • quality of touch
  • quality of experience.

Pay and terms for therapists

We are aiming to be gender neutral – opposing sexism in the therapy sector

Aim to be as inclusive as possible

All our reviews are genuine. We don’t pay other businesses to recommend us.

We are not paid to recommend anyone or anything. Our advice is impartial.

We are not on commission to sell products.